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An aspiring communication researcher specializing in New Media, Imagination, and Relationships.


An effective media & communication advisor and lecturer.


Over 17 years experience in media production and live broadcasting. 

  • Among his several roles,

    Graham Carpenter is a

    Professor at San Francisco State

    University in the Broadcast &

    Electronic Communication Arts

    (BECA) program.



  • A native Alabamian, Graham began carving out his niche in the television industry covering SEC sports - while earning his Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences from The University of Alabama, Roll Tide!

  • He continues to work in sports broadcasting, and can be found behind the cameras at many Bay Area events.

  • Graham's camera work has also been featured on the Emmy-Nominated American Ninja Warrior on NBC for the past 8 seasons. 



Teaching Philosophy

I have long considered sharing and imparting informed knowledge the most important responsibility anyone striving for higher education should perform. In my classes, I start from a theoretical approach and shift focus to practical applications of the course content in the students’ lives. Throughout my experience, I have found that students tend to invest as much into a course as I do, but each class is a unique entity in itself. I typically get to know each and every one of my students on a personal level with weekly blog assignments and daily class discussions. I always give very solid feedback for any writing assignment, and try to have them think about extensions and even perform some of the concepts at hand to show how course materials relate to their lives or possible career paths. No two classes of mine are taught in the exact same manner because the personalities that emerge in the classes drive the assignments and teaching procedures I employ throughout a semester. I have found that my best teaching attribute is my ability to actually relate to students. There is a clear difference between a student that is participating because he/she wants to, and one that is participating to satisfy attendance or grade requirements. 

Video Projects
Video Projects

Video Projects




Dr. Graham Carpenter

Assistant Professor

Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts

San Francisco State University​

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