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Back, Back to Kentucky, Ucky

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

We find ourselves in Lexington again for week 8, but this time there is a bit more excitement in the air than the last time we were here. They have a league-leading running back in Benny Snell, and are positioning themselves to play to win the SEC for the first time outright since Bear Bryant was their Coach in 1950. Of course, they'd still have to play Alabama or another school from the Western Division, and pretty much run the table that's left on their schedule.

This week they play Vanderbilt, who doesn't look too strong this year - I'm doubting their postseason chances, although a win would bring them to .500 on the year. In a closer than comfortable game for the Wildcats, they pick up the win 14-7.

I don't have a photo, but for the first time in a year (I usually make an annual trip), I went to Waffle House with a few people on the crew and ate breakfast before the game. I actually wanted to try this place near the hotel, Wild Eggs, but it was slam packed. So, I went with a couple over easy eggs, hash browns smothered and covered, bacon, and a pecan waffle. While it was all very tasty and I enjoyed my experience, I can't help but pondering the same question I have every time I eat there or it comes up in conversation; they don't close, so when do they deep clean everything?


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