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How To Survive the Cold in Arkansas

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Well, we find ourselves back in Arkansas this week, but we're actually at the home of The Hogs in Fayetteville! The guys on the crew from Philadelphia keep remarking at how much it resembles the hills and scenery where they're from. It is much nicer up in the mountains and near the Ozark National Forest; a completely different setting from Little Rock and much preferred. Except...

The low for the weekend was 18℉, much too cold for my Alabama, by way of California, body to handle without the proper gear. So, naturally, I packed my ski bib, long johns, winter gloves, a neck gaiter, my furry hat, and several layers of clothes. The new addition that I've added to my cold weather gear this year are hand-warmer pouches, like the ones the players (especially QBs) wear around their waists. I wear one around my waist, and put the other two over the camera control arms so I can operate them in the comfort of the sleeve. My hands were too bundled up to take pictures, but they slip right over and there is not an exact science on making them fit - do what's comfortable.

The game went well and I was surprisingly warm. I liked using the sleeves over the controls and having a third one to slip my hands into during commercial breaks or halftime. Running camera is just as much about what is comfortable to the operator as is what are the camera assignments. I find it bothersome to run camera with gloves on, so this new system works well for me, personally.

Oh yeah, Arkansas played the visiting tigers from LSU tough, and only lost by a touchdown... 24-17. LSU was coming off an absolute shellacking the week before where they failed to put any points on the scoreboard (29-0) against a much more talented Alabama team.


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