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Kentucky Bluegrass and Big Boy

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Over the past few years on the SEC Primetime crew, we've done more Kentucky games than anything else. Missouri is probably 2nd place, but after that, it's not even close. We always manage to end up in the coldest two states in the conference. Luckily it's still September and the lows are only into the 60s.

Lexington is actually a great city, and there are plenty of fun things to do and see, and great cuisine of course! Big Boy is not one of those places *Frisch's Big Boy* excuse me. It's a drive through restaurant that has a typical drive-through faire in burgers and sandwiches, and has a hot breakfast bar on the weekends (think continental breakfast at a Ramada Inn quality). However, they have one menu item - The Swiss Miss - that completely redeems this place...1/4 lb. of beef with Swiss cheese, lettuce and Frisch’s Original Tartar Sauce on a rye bun. I know what it sounds like, but I also know what it tastes like.

Let's be real - the only reason anyone comes here is to see this guy!

One big thing I haven't mentioned in any of these posts this year is the fact that we have some new company on the sidelines this year. No, Booger McFarland isn't riding my cart, but we have added a 3rd camera to the near sidelines. We previously had myself on the cart and another operator, Derk, on handheld. Now, we've also got coverage from the jib cart.

The jib cart is usually equipped with a wide-angel lens and is used for establishing shots and fan reactions / color. A lot of times the type of shots this camera is getting is known as color or flavor because it adds an emotional and human aspect to the competition on the field. The guys on the jib cart are great, but we've had some extra fun this season learning how to share the sidelines in tight spaces, and of course in the live environment.


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