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Upset Special in the Swamp

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The Florida Gators were the #9 team in the initial college football playoff - with their only loss coming to Kentucky at home, and big wins over Mississippi State and LSU. However, last week they were dismantled by a superior Georgia team that exposed them and took everything the Gators had, before ultimately stomping them 36-17.

This week the Missouri Tigers come to town with their high octane offense, and NFL prospect quarterback, Drew Lock, ready to take advantage of the Gators' woes.

Missouri did just that. They took advantage of a lackadaisical homecoming atmosphere, where the fans never quite showed up the way they needed to, nor did the football team.

I got the privilege of running the super slow motion camera (similar to what I use on ANW), but the camera position at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for the left low end zone is not ideal. It is field level and impossible to see over the players, and many times the other credentialed media, cheerleaders, and security staff. I had some decent looks, but I can't wait to get another chance at it without the impediments. The most exciting thing that happened throughout all of this is the new tradition the Gator fans have at the start of (I think) the 4th quarter where they sing along to I Won't Back Down.

My parents took me to my first concert on May 25th, 1995 to see Tom Petty on The Dogs with Wings tour. Wildflowers had come out the previous year, and Full Moon Fever was a staple in my mom's cassette player in her van. I may have only been 7 going on 8, but I stood in my seat at The Oak Mountain Amphitheatre and sang almost every word




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