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Sick in South Carolina

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Where do I start... I had to pick up my daughter from her daycare/school (you'd be surprised at the amount of schooling a 1-year-old can handle) because she was throwing up everything they gave her. This lasted about 12-18 hours then she was finally able to keep down fluids and medicine. In any case, I traveled from Sacramento to Columbia, South Carolina the next day and got in that evening at the usual time. I woke up at 6 am EST (3 am Pacific Standard Time) and started the same routine my daughter had displayed two days previous. I took a shower and got dressed, drinking water trying to hydrate to get to work. I made it to the site and started work, but I couldn't hold down the water I drank and left not too long after I got there and went back to the hotel room...where I spent the next 25 or so hours.

I started feeling better and keeping fluids down around 7pm Friday night, and by Saturday morning was back to my usual self, but drained of my energy. I ordered in room service and took a nap before the after lunch call time for the game. The game and whole experience beyond my hotel horrors were forgettable, and that's really a shame because Columbia, SC is a fun place and Williams-Brice Stadium is a neat place to work. South Carolina squeaked out the win over Tennessee 27-24.


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