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Nearing The End in Nashville

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Football in The Music City! Nashville is famous for country music, but they've got a few football teams as well. The Tennessee Titans (then the Oilers) moved to Nashville from Memphis in 1998, and actually played their home games at Vanderbilt stadium that year. They have enjoyed a 20 year stretch in Nashville and have been staples in the postseason for much of that time. As for Vandy... Vanderbilt usually has a great basketball team and lately has had terrific baseball teams, but they've had 3 winning football seasons in the last 35 years and have seen the coach who gave them two of those (James Franklin - 2012, 2013) skip town to another university. Expectations aren't necessarily high, but if they can win their last two regular season games - this week against Ole Miss and the season finale against in-state rival Tennessee - then they will become bowl eligible and have a shot at their 4th winning season in 35 years.

One more regular season game, and you finally have time to start to reflect on the current season. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week and then onto the post / bowl season. They had a crew appreciation party where the bosses said a few words and everyone played barcade games and even sang some karaoke. It really is a great feeling to know you're appreciated by the higher ups in an industry or job that you ever have. Working on the road puts you away from your family and with your colleagues for significant stretches of time, and the relationships you form with these people become like your family ties - I'm happy with the folks I get to work with

Vandy held on for the win in one of the more exciting games we've done the past few seasons; a 36 - 29 overtime thriller at home. Next week they get to play the 5-6 Tennessee Volunteers who are trying to keep their bowl aspirations alive as well.

By the way, you don't want to try me on Galaga...


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