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The Halfway Point in Little Rock.

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

This game was soaking wet... It poured down starting late Friday night through takeoff from Clinton National Airport Sunday morning. University of Arkansas is actually located in Fayetteville, but this game is played in Little Rock because it is a large city near the halfway point between University of Arkansas and Ole Miss (University of Mississippi). Ole Miss is coming off a scandal with their former head coach, Hugh Freeze, and Arkansas has a first year head coach taking over a program that dealt with its own scandal with a head coach, and then several mediocre years under another one. Needless to say, expectations are very low and the two teams have had no problem meeting them this season.

There isn't enough room for a sideline cart here (similar to UF), so I am on a low end zone camera for this game. It's a little different from the cart, in that I get to follow the ball the whole field rather than just the red zone. It was a pretty exciting game - both teams being bad made it a competitive matchup. Ole Miss ended up pulling out the victory, 37 - 33.

We didn't do much running around since the weather was terrible, but we did find a nice place to eat downtown - Samantha's. The Detroit airport has this tunnel (I forgot exactly where) that when walking through dazed and exhausted from the few hours of sleep after striking the equipment, feels like something out of a Sci-Fi novel - Phillip K. Dick anyone?


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